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Answer Key and Solved Questions Paper-3 UGC-NET Computer Science Jan 2017

1.Which of the following is an interrupt according to temporal relationship with system clock?
A.Maskable interrupt
B.Periodic interrupt
C.Division by zero
D.Synchronous interrupt
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2.Which of the following is incorrect for virtual memory?
A.Large programs can be written
B.More I/O is required
C.More addressable memory available
D.Faster and easy swapping of process
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3.The general configuration of the microprogrammed control unit is given below:

What are blocks B and C in the diagram respectively?
A.Block address register and cache memory
B.Control address register and control memory
C.Branch register and cache memory
D.Control address register and random access memory
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4.Match the following:
Addressing Mode Location of operand
a. Implied i. Registers which are in CPU
b. Immediate ii. Register specifies the address of the operand
c. Register iii. Specified in the register
d. Register Indirect iv. Specified implicitly in the definition of instruction
Codes: a b c d
A.iv iii i ii
B.iv i iii ii
C.iv ii i iii
D.iv iii ii i
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5.In 8085 microprocessor, the digit 5 indicates that the microprocessor needs
A.-5 volts, +5 volts supply
B.+5 volts supply only
C.-5 volts supply only
D.5 MHz clock
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6.In 8085, which of the following performs: load register pair immediate operation?
B.LHLD addr
C.LXI rp, data
D.INX rp
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7.Consider following schedules involving two transactions:
S1: r1(X); r1(Y); r2(X); r2(Y); w2(Y); w1(X)
S2: r1(X); r2(X); r2(Y); w2(Y); r1(Y); w1(X)
Which of the following statement is true?
A.Both S1 and S2 are conflict serializable.
B.S1 is conflict serializable and S2 is not conflict serializable.
C.S1 is not conflict serializable and S2 is conflict serializable.
D.Both S1 and S2 are not conflict serializable.
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8.Which one is correct w.r.t. RDBMS?
A.primary key ? super key ? candidate key
B.primary key ? candidate key ? super key
C.super key ? candidate key ? primary key
D.super key ? primary key ? candidate key
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9.Let pk(R) denotes primary key of relation R. A many-to-one relationship that exists between two relations R1 and R2 can be expressed as follows:
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10.For a database relation R(A,B,C,D) where the domains of A,B,C and D include only atomic values, only the following functional dependencies and those that can be inferred from them are:
The relation R is in ................
A.First normal form but not in second normal form
B.Both in first normal form as well as in second normal form
C.Second normal form but not in third normal form
D.Both in second normal form as well as in third normal form
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