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MCQs Data Structure|UGC-NET|GATE|Data Structures

1.Consider an undirected graph G with 100 nodes. The maximum number of edges to be included in G so that the graph is not connected is
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2.The amortized time complexity to perform ______ operation(s) in Splay trees is O(Ig n).
B.Search & Insert
C.Search & Delete
D.Search,Insert & Delete
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3.Suppose that the splits at every level of Quicksort are in proportion 1-β to β, where 0 ‹ β ‹ = 0.5 is a constant. The number of elements in an array is n. The maximum depth is approximately
A.0.5 β Ig n
B.0.5 (1 − β) Ig n
C.β (Ig n)/(Ig β)
D.− (Ig n)/Ig (1 − β)
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4.The min. number of nodes in a binary tree of depth d (root at level 0) is
A.2d − 1
B.2d + 1 − 1
C.d + 1
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5.The efficient data structure to insert/delete a number in a stored set of numbers is
B.Linked list
C.Doubly linked list
D.Binary tree
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6.Consider the following statements : (i) A graph in which there is a unique path between every pair of vertices is a tree. (ii) A connected graph with e = v − 1 is a tree. (iii) A graph with e = v − 1 that has no circuit is a tree. Which of the above statements is/are true ?
A.(i) & (iii)
B.(ii) & (iii)
C.(i) & (ii)
D.All of the above
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7.Consider the In-order and Post-order traversals of a tree as given below : In-order : j e n k o p b f a c l g m d h i Post-order : j n o p k e f b c l m g h i d a The Pre-order traversal of the tree shall be
A.a b f e j k n o p c d g l m h i
B.a b c d e f j k n o p g l m h i
C.a b e j k n o p f c d g l m h i
D.j e n o p k f b c l m g h i d a
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8.A simple graph G with n − vertices is connected if the graph has
A.(n − 1) (n − 2)/2 edges
B.more than (n − 1) (n − 2)/2 edges
C.less than (n − 1) (n − 2)/2 edges
D.k(i=1) C(ni, 2) edges
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9.Linked Lists are not suitable for _____.
A.Binary Search
B.Polynomial Manipulation
D.Radix Sort
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10.The time complexity of an efficient algorithm to find the longest monotonically increasing subsequence of n numbers is
B.O(n Ig n)
D.None of the above
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